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We have all the tools.


Every project requires some degree of planning. Our planning processes encompass several techniques depending on the task at hand. From simple structure diagrams to full Object Relational Modelling (ORM), our planning procedures are designed to ensure your project and its development runs smoothly at all times. This attention to detail in planning our applications means that you can have a greater understanding of the way in which your software operates and that our development team can cross reference code and support any of our software, regardless of the individual programmer.

Programming and development

Most of our programming and development work is undertaken using the Microsoft® tool set, simply because of the level of support, documentation, interoperability, scalability and sheer capability available to us. That means that we can pass on these benefits to our clients. We are well versed in the Microsoft® .NET programming languages with a preference for Visual C#® (C sharp) and in some cases, Visual Basic®.NET (VB or VB.NET). When asked to work with legacy or existing systems, our developers are more than able to turn their hands to the more 'open-source' technologies like the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack.

When working on the internet with web based applications, we recommend that new-build projects use Microsoft® Windows® servers and the Microsoft® .NET framework. We have been producing web sites and online software since 2001 and all of our developers have 10 or more years of experience with the old favourites of web technologies like:



CSS3 logo - cascading style sheets

Cascading style sheets, including CSS3, Less and Sass/Scss

JavaScript logo - ECMAScript

JavaScript or ECMAScript

We are also confident working with some of the popular 'secondary' web technologies such as these almost ubiquitous front-end frameworks:

Twitter Bootstrap logo


Created by Twitter and originally named Blueprint, Bootstrap is now one of the most popular HTML and CSS frameworks for web developers everywhere. Bootstrap takes a 'mobile-first' approach, simplifying responsive, multi-device layout of web pages and many common design elements. This framework also includes JavaScript libraries for achieving many common user-interface effects with ease.

Boilerplate logo

HTML5 Boilerplate

Simliar to Bootstrap, Boilerplate is a front-end framework for web sites. With ready-made templates in HTML and CSS allowing developers to set up cross-browser and mobile-friendly layouts quickly and efficiently.

Foundation logo - Zurb foundation


Foundation is another front-end framework for rapid and reliable, responsive layouts inside a browser on any device. Foundation also has plenty of JavaScript plugins as well as a strong emphasis on customisation.

Greensock logo


Greensock is a JavaScript library for implementing animation in all the major broswers. It is extremely powerful and allows the developer to create professional and robust animated effects that work on browsers as old as IE6 (2001).

jQuery logo


Arguably the most popular JavaScript framework there is. jQuery provides easy access to many common tasks in JavaScript with pre-defined support for cross-browser and cross-device code. jQuery can also be extended with plugins which can add complex functionality to a web application in a simple, scalable format - and there is a sizeable array of jQuery plugins already available on the internet.

Technology in general is accelerating at an exponential rate, with web and mobile software right at the 'bleeding edge'. Depending on your exact requirements, here are some of the other exciting frameworks, projects and emerging technologies which we are keeping our eye on and might make it into your project.

  • The MEAN stack - MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js
  • Knockout / KO / knockout.js / KnockoutJS
  • Ember.js
  • Backbone.js
  • ASP.NET SignalR
  • ... and many more!

A little extra

Our expertise in being able to offer bespoke software development consists of more than writing lines of code. Most of the software we produce requires a human user to oversee and administer operations. For this, a graphical user interface (GUI) is required. Our designers and extremely capable imaging experts use industry standard software to create a clean, intuitive user experience so that your software is clearly laid out with key operations and information presented exactly where you need it.

Aside from web development and software programming, we also have a few more strings to our bow in terms of the service we are able to offer. Our developers have covered many different areas of new media and emerging technology; from interactive CD ROMs and DVD ROMs to video editing and DVD authoring and even some 3D modelling and animation.