Consultation Let's talk through it.


Let's talk through it.

Every project starts with the consultation process. With Pasilda, an initial consultation is completely free and without obligation. So, if you think that your business could benefit from bespoke software applications, or you have an idea for a new business venture that requires specific data-driven software please get in touch to arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience.

Straight talking

We understand that considering a new IT project can be a daunting prospect, especially if technology is not your area of expertise. We also understand that businesses today, in almost every industry, either rely on technology in some way or could benefit from assigning some or all of their processes to computers.

We are more than happy to discuss with you, in plain terms, what your project may entail. Whatever your level of technical understanding, our developers will be happy to take as much time as necessary to explain any part of your project to you; from the development process to your choice of hardware or hosting providers. We strongly believe that, because developers have the greatest depth of knowledge when it comes to programming, software and the related technologies, they make the best consultants. At any stage in your project, you will be able to talk directly to the developer, who will discuss any queries with you in as much or as little technical detail as you require.

Facing challenges

The very birth of the computer, of any software and any database system has come from the necessity to rise to a challenge. If you think your business needs software systems to overcome a challenge - be it staying one step ahead of your competition, getting on top of a growing workload, diversifying your business activities or streamlining processes to increase your return on investment - let us talk through your plans with you. We can design, build and deploy the right software to help you ensure that your business achieves everything you want it to.

New ventures

Many of our projects have come from visionary individuals and organisations that have seen the opportunity for new businesses. We have worked alongside them to deliver the applications, both on the web and on the desktop, that have enabled their ideas to come to life and their businesses to flourish.

Not only can we advise on the best approach for your information systems, but our experience in technology and the many industries in which our clients operate may even provide you with a few new ideas. Please contact us to discuss your venture in the strictest of confidence.

Full project life-cycle

Our ethos is to ensure that we are always working towards the success of the client. The consultation process is something that continues throughout the entire project life-cycle. We stand by our software and take great pride in the advantages it can offer and the differences our applications make. We will gladly maintain regular communication with you - right through conception, development, release, testing, launch and support - and positively encourage your input and interaction. At all times, we will do our best to keep you informed and offer our opinions or expert advice on any matter that may affect your project.

Feel free to ask

For more information about the consultation services we offer please contact us.