Document management systems

Document management systems

From a large corporation employing thousands of staff to a single self employed person, at Pasilda we can help you to effectively organise and manage all your business documents providing a browser or internal server based solution. Retain complete control through every stage of the document lifecycle, from its creation and how it is implemented through to storage and removal.

A document management system affords your business the opportunity to develop in a paperless office environment, reducing costs, freeing up space and removing time consuming tasks like filing and posting.

We can integrate our document management systems with software such as Microsoft Word, building compatibility and helping with workflow. For example, being able to save a document direct from Word to an online management system eradicates the file transfer process. Or benefit from integration with other widely used productivity applications like Microsoft Outlook.

We offer systems which are more than simply storage solutions. Through an intuitive interface you can powerfully search, create, archive and share documents throughout your business. Bring people together with easy (remote) access effectively removing space between departments and improving productivity.

Build a system befitting your company. Everything you are and you stand for can be embodied in a custom built system, designed to drive your business. Monitor levels of authorisation determining who has access to particular files. Allow your workforce to communicate via forums, encouraging discussion and collaboration, or using a one-to-one chat facility where people can engage in real time conversation.

Keep an eye on the bigger picture by generating reports based on file activity. Monitor workforce productivity, react and grow.

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