ROI analysis software

ROI analysis software

"Is it worth it?" is a common tag line to many a business meeting. If you have been using ROI analysis software you will be able to forecast the profitability of a project with a high degree of authority.

ROI stands for Return On Investment and is a way of analysing a factor of business and its profitability overall. It is often referred to in a monetary context, "If I spend this much, how much will I make?", taking into account the initial and running costs. It can, however, apply to all areas of business and throughout a project's lifecycle.

ROI analysis software can be custom built to provide insight into technology. Explore direct and indirect benefits of both hardware and software purchases. Follow marketing campaigns with the ability to track users online. Find out which areas of your site are working for you with access to meaningful web site data like banner ad clicks. Calculate the relevance and efficiency of post sale customer support. Understand the value of the time members of staff spend on particular projects and work out the optimum training period to generate the best possible return on your investment.

At Pasilda we have over ten years' experience building bespoke web and desktop solutions. Your ROI analysis software can be built on either platform. Using Microsoft SQL Server® for housing data, alongside the power of VB.NET, our bespoke n-tier software applications can fully utilise web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX) in the browser, as well as emerging technologies on the desktop, such as XAML/XBAP and WPF.

Use our software to help forecast the future potential of a project, to account for previous work or to justify a current scheme. Compare costs and related details using a variety of tools to visualise your ROI analysis, such as charts, graphs and pivot tables.

ROI analysis is often underestimated in its potential complexity. Any leverage companies (small and large) can obtain will invariably help produce a better understanding of investments over returns.

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