Affordable software development

Affordable software development

Tailor made software to suit every budget

Affordable software development is vital to our bespoke programming services strategy. Whilst we strongly believe that custom built software can reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership) of software within your business, we also offer competitive software development pricing and a genuine, honest approach to costing and billing.

We are happy to provide free estimates. There are no charges for meetings or consultation prior to our bespoke applications projects, so you only pay for the development work carried out. For bespoke development in any programming language (be it VB.NET, C#, PHP, Perl, Java or JavaScript, to name a few), our billing is usually calculated at an hourly rate. Our in-house timekeeping software times our work accurately to within a fraction of a second.

Our custom built invoicing system is directly integrated with the time spent on your project and can generate an itemised PDF invoice that can be emailed directly to your inbox. This paperless system is one of the ways we try to consider our environmental impact and reduces our overheads in terms of stationary and postage; savings that are gladly passed on to our clients.

We have a firm ethos of considering the interests of our clients and work hard to maintain our extremely high standards of software development whilst keeping costs as low as possible, with the result of quality bespoke software at affordable prices. We will also do our best to inform you of potential costs at every stage of the development process and are happy to advise on related/external suppliers (such as hardware suppliers or web hosting providers for our web development projects) when asked. All of our developers are actively encouraged to liaise with the client and offer impartial advice where it may be needed.

Whatever your project requirements may be and whatever your budget may be, our affordable software development rates will make certain that your project is completed to the maximum standards of excellence with the minimum expense. After all, we resolutely believe that where bespoke software development is concerned, it is not the figure at the bottom of the invoice that counts, but the quality of the product.

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