.NET web development

.NET web development

A platform for success

The .NET (or dot net) Framework is a development platform for building software of all kinds while promoting reliability, consistency and scalability. We recommend all of our new build projects are developed within the .NET Framework because of its comprehensive functionality and the wealth of resources and support available in the commercial market place, backed up by one of the largest and most successful companies on the planet.

Using ASP.NET, we are able to create custom built web applications for small business operations and enterprise level organisations alike. ASP.NET also works seamlessly with the ASP.NET AJAX Framework that allows our web developers to include rich, interactive user experiences into the browser-based software we can offer.

Our approach to .NET web development continually pushes the boundaries of software programming for the internet. Our web developers have over ten years of experience and are actively encouraged to dive in to and incorporate emerging technologies, ensuring that we deliver only cutting-edge web applications and that our clients benefit from the latest advances in the industry.

Microsoft's Silverlight runtime is another tool available in the .NET web development arena that is capable of producing rich interactive applications for more engaging user experiences whilst being able to exploit many of the advantages of the .NET Framework.

Our .NET web development projects, including Silverlight applications, are cross-platform and cross-browser (unless requested otherwise by the client). If your end-users, staff, customers or clients use Internet Explorer or FireFox, are PC or Mac based, or use a handheld device, like a smart phone or PDA, we can develop web applications for your business to reach them.

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