Solutions Tailored applications to suit every business.


Tailored applications to suit every business.

Communicate in greater depth with your clients, suppliers and staff

We can build systems that draw important data from your suppliers, allow your staff access to relevant information in a single click and deal with clients and customers faster and more accurately. Or simply, allow your customers to sign in and find out for themselves.

Be more discoverable

Syndicate your product catalogue, press releases or any other data through online services and standards like XML, RSS and JSON. We have worked closely alongside the web's major search engines (Google, Bing/MSN/Live and Yahoo) to gather knowledge about search engine optimisation (SEO). We can build your content management system (CMS) to allow your business to react instantly, with full control over web page content, meta information and even HTTP response codes (like 301 moved permanently and custom 404 not found).

Increase your market reach

Sell your products through affiliates and partners, or sell theirs through your web site. Use online services to increase your traffic. Your business can be seen in more places as well as offering more content and more services. See better performance in your advertising revenue, click through rate (CTR), return on investment (ROI) and get more sign-ups.

Streamline your operations

Software tailored precisely to the way your business operates will allow every action to take place, in its place, amongst your business logic. An order taken generates a pick-list for your warehouse. The products picked and shipped creates a stock control event to alert the right department to order more from your suppliers, and the first of the month triggers a report to be generated and sent directly to your email inbox.

Consolidate your data

A database to store and manage data is at the heart of every business. A CRM (customer relationship management) system lets you and your staff record, analyse and act upon the activity of your customers. Use data from your customers' orders to instruct your stock control system. Increase your ROI and conversions by offering your most valued customers incentives via a CMS, allowing you to tailor the content that each individual customer will see.

Increase your competitive edge

Bespoke software can incorporate any or all of these systems designed and written from the ground up, specifically to meet the requirements of your business. Quite simply, deliver what your competitors do not. Be found more easily. Offer more to your customers. Collect, analyse and evaluate business-critical information with greater ease. Respond faster and more accurately to individual clients and wider market conditions.

Increase your efficiency

Have every operation, every customer, every supplier and every report at your fingertips. Software built with your business in mind will provide you and your staff access to the information and functions they require to do their job in less time and with greater precision. A web application can allow global access to your business systems; publish your content, advertise your products and services, and, via a secure sign in, your customers can manage their dealings with your business and your staff can work remotely - from any internet connected device, anywhere on the planet.

Increase your profit

With a bespoke application on the web or on your desktop, you will be able to see business critical information to make better informed decisions. You will be able to communicate more effectively both inside and outside your organisation. Your business will be able to act and react with more impact in your industry. With these tools at your disposal, you will be well equipped to make the most of your profitability.