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Adobe® Flash® alternatives

Adobe Flash Player "End of Life" - 31 December 2020

If your web site or application makes use of Adobe® Flash® in any way, your customers may not be able to use it after 31 December 2020. If you have Flash content on your web site or built in to your application that needs to be replaced, or you're not sure and would like to talk to us about an alternative solution, contact us ( today.

It's official, Adobe® Flash® Player is no longer being supported, maintained or distributed after 31 December 2020. The browser plugin, which was an internet staple for many years, is being retired by its makers and the browser and OS vendors it relies upon.

Once one of the go-to tools for developers, marketers and their clients to achieve rich, interactive and animated content in the browser, Flash's popularity has declined due to security concerns as well as the evolution of other technologies surrounding the web. Advances in mobile device technology, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (and countless libraries and frameworks that combine them), as well as better-than-ever standards and compliance among browser vendors are just a few reasons why moving away from Adobe Flash Player has been officially recommended by Adobe since July 2017 (

For more information about alternatives for Adobe® Flash® components on your web site or within your application please contact us (

Read the official UK FAQs regarding Adobe Flash Player EOL here (