Your success is our success Doing our best to ensure you can do yours.

Your success is our success

Doing our best to ensure you can do yours.

More than just clichés

From the very first day Pasilda was formed, honesty has been at the core of everything we do. This working ethos is something in which we strongly believe.

We take great pride in the work that we do and the services we offer to our clients - and we are convinced, from the difference it makes and the response we get from our clients, that this is the right approach.

To date, every single project we have undertaken has originated from a word-of-mouth recommendation and repeat business from existing clients.

Working towards our clients' best interests

It's a simple concept and one that we think works out best for everyone. As a supplier, we try to assist and advise our clients wherever possible. When asked, we will always offer a genuine, logical opinion and do our best to offer a supporting business case. Because our experience in software development, web development and mobile app development has covered a diverse range of industries and business types, we have often been able to offer an alternative perspective, providing improvements to a client's business model or revenue streams that previously may not have been apparent. We have introduced complimentary businesses to each other, introduced clients to suppliers and vice versa. We'll also suggest a spelling or grammar change to our clients if we spot a typo!

Developing relationships

It is often said that people are the most valuable asset of any business. We whole-heartedly agree. We understand that there is a human presence necessary in every project; from the administrative, technical or marketing contacts we deal with as part of producing applications for a client, to members of staff or members of the public that will be using the software every day.

We have a policy of maintaining a friendly and informal working environment where the channels of communication are open in both directions. We liaise regularly with the client during and after the development process and often agree milestones at which we assess and evaluate the success of (and of course, any concerns with) the project.

Transparency at every step

Every project is designed specifically to meet the needs of each client and we are continuously looking to improve our developmental techniques whilst keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in technology.

We are happy to make the following promises to each and every one of our clients:

  • We will never reproduce any of our software in its entirety for another client.
  • We absolutely do not build 'back doors', 'spyware', 'malware', 'time bombs' or any other underhanded programming into any of our software.
  • We do not trap our clients into any extra costs, maintenance or support contracts.

Source code available

Projects are usually undertaken as one of two types; Licensed or Source. Both types of project receive the same quality of attention and service. A Licensed project entitles the client to deploy and use their software in the environment and for the purposes as set out in our initial agreement. A Source project gives the client full access to the source code, database structure and any other resource materials generated during the development process of their software or web application.

Please contact us directly to find out more about project types.

We do not resell

We like to stick to what we are good at, so we will take care of the development process and let you manage your agreements with other suppliers. We will not resell another supplier's services as our own and we will respect the simple fact that the agreements you may have with other suppliers are your own. We do not participate in any reseller programmes.

We do understand that sometimes, our products and services require a technical infrastructure to be in place and that third parties must play their role in the bigger picture; like web site hosting, email hosting, database hosting or domain name registration. In these cases we are more than happy to research and advise on what we feel is the best route for your project and your business.

At times, we may be offered an incentive by some of these third-part suppliers to introduce new business to them. However, we will only make a recommendation to a client if it is relevant and beneficial to the client and the project - and we will be up-front about any incentive offered to us by the supplier.

Rest assured that we are completely impartial in these recommendations and that our advice is being offered in a purely professional and technical capacity, with the advantage of knowing intimately the requirements of your software.