Tariff 1st February 2024 - 31st January 2025


1st February 2024 - 31st January 2025

Let's meet

An initial consultation is FREE of charge. So if you have a new business idea or a requirement for your own bespoke software, web site, web application or mobile app, please contact us to arrange a friendly, informal meeting with absolutely no obligations.

Quality of output is always the top priority, whoever the client and whether the task at hand is consultation, planning, design, development or support.

We can help

We have a strong commitment to aiding charitable organisations through technology with the services we offer. So if you are a registered charity, please contact us directly for a consultation or an estimate.

Fixed or pre-arranged cost

Fixed pricing is available where the project specifications can be clearly defined and agreed prior to development commencing. Undertaking a project with a pre-arranged, fixed price provides both parties with the peace of mind of knowing the work, timescales and budget from the outset - as well as setting the expectation for the finished product.

Please contact us to talk about your project, requirements and specification.

Flexible development and hourly pricing

For the majority of projects, an hourly pricing structure is most suitable because, whilst the overall intention of the application is known, it may not be practical or possible to anticipate every detail within a single specification before development begins.

In these cases, a flexible approach (sometimes referred to as Agile development), is taken. Where possible, the project is developed in smaller sections, with the lines of communication open in both directions between the developer and the client. As each objective within the project is reached, the application is demonstrated to the client to ensure everything is looking and operating as expected. For larger projects, we would recommend regular, scheduled meetings as well.

This process allows for constant revision and complete flexibility throughout the build phase. This iterative cycle of

  • planning
  • developing
  • reviewing
  • evolving
Agile methodology cycle - planAgile methodology cycle - develop
Agile methodology cycle - evolveAgile methodology cycle - review

not only allows you to see the project before its completion - think of it as a beta-version - but also allows workflows to be optimised, features to be added or re-prioritised and any other changes that might not have been apparent or necessary earlier.

For these projects, time spent is recorded and billed to fractions of a second. The rates per staff-hour are outlined in the table below.

Project type* Licensed ProductSource
Any eight hours between 10am and 7pm Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)
Out of office**
Hours between 7pm and 10am Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays)
Hours outside of those listed above

* Unless otherwise agreed, all projects are undertaken as a 'Licensed Product' project. Please contact us directly to find out more about project types.
** Unless otherwise agreed, all instances are charged at a minimum of one hour.

Estimates are determined by assessing the staff-hours and any additional costs that may be necessary to complete a project. In some cases, a portion of an estimate may be required as a deposit. Some projects may require part payment at pre-arranged 'milestones' along the project cycle.

Our in-house timekeeping and invoicing system records the tasks undertaken during the development of your project and the time taken with better than 'to-the-second' accuracy. In fact, our time management and billing software keeps record of the hours spent with accuracy up to nine decimal places. Our timekeeping software also includes some handy features like PDF invoices and reminders for faster delivery and, of course, to cut down on the paper used.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted on this web page are subject to UK VAT at the applicable rate.