Data consolidation

Data consolidation

Data consolidation refers to a methodology for cleaning up a database system to eradicate the duplication of data, increasing the speed and accuracy of queries. Designing a system with an overall smaller footprint results in quicker access to information and easier maintenance.

The consolidation of data improves the long term implications of your business, leading to easier manageability and more effective operations. The integrity of your data infrastructure lays the foundations to drive your business forward, optimising relationships and streamlining operations.

Consolidating data includes the removal of unnecessary information such as duplicated data. Our understanding of how data relates and is processed allows us to revise a system and remain economical with our approach to structuring a database. We examine project requirements alongside existing data and determine if targets can be reached while increasing efficiency and operability.

Small businesses and large scale operations alike can gain huge benefits. For a new business, the consolidation of data at that point affords the opportunity to make progress in the best way possible right from the start, avoiding bad habits and a potential upheaval in the future. For larger, existing organisations, it paves the way for richer, more complex systems which ultimately save time and money, while handing over increased control of the business.

As a project increases in scale, the implications of quality data become more apparent. A system which needs to cope with large volumes of data from many sources has to maintain a high level of performance. Something which could go unnoticed on a smaller application may present problems when utilised by thousands of users.

Pasilda analysts help provide a consistency of data and manage how it is applied across your organisation. We will harness the information you need, systematically removing unnecessary data, providing an efficient, scalable structure that can excel with the demands of a modern day business.

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