Database planning

Database planning

A database is the foundation to the applications we build, so it is vital the same precision and care is afforded the planning phase, as it would be to its development. We are here to assist you in understanding the requirements and will provide, where necessary, a thorough assessment to ensure the final application sets the highest possible standards for reaching your goals.

A good database plan is greatly beneficial to the short and longer term. Assessing and clarifying your organisations objectives now will save time and money in the future. Our assessment allows us to formalise the best methods for optimising the data structure and implementing a database. Examining your current set-up and identifying future needs, we produce a comparative evaluation that highlights key areas of focus.

Database diagrams and reports are generated illustrating how the database will work and how the plan can be implemented. We detail the best possible solution for your current set up and advise, where relevant, how new hardware and software can offer a better solution. We take into account the staff that will need to use the application and what they require from the interface. Further to this, we understand the value of an informed workforce, and can develop comprehensive training programmes to ensure everyone gets the best from your software.

Utilising relational databases and harnessing the power of SQL (structured query language) and T-SQL (transact structured query language) Pasilda can offer your business market leading, data driven software. A well planned and expertly executed database is the backbone of software that can ensure lightning-speed access to sort through business-critical data, generate detailed reports and deliver specific information direct to your inbox.

Give your business the edge over its competitors with genuine, finger-on-the-pulse information made available to the right person at the right time.

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