Bespoke software development

Bespoke software development

Software that works the way you do

Bespoke software development is our speciality. Pasilda provides bespoke software development services for the purposes of building applications specifically designed to meet the requirements of your business.

No two clients or projects are exactly the same and we pride ourselves on being able to offer software applications capable of everything your organisation needs, exactly where and when you need it.

Bespoke software applications are developed and designed to correspond to your working practices, your business processes and your type of business activity.

The advantages of bespoke software

Bespoke software enhances productivity by ensuring that you, your staff, suppliers, customers and clients have access to the tasks they require at the precise moment they require them. Your business information and working practices are dealt with in the exact way that you define.

Bespoke applications may also increase efficiency within your business by performing iterative or tedious operations that may be time consuming, a drain on human resource or outside the scope of off-the-shelf software products. Software designed specifically with your business in mind will give you more control, requires less maintenance and support and will be less prone to error and inconsistencies because it has been developed to work with your business critical information.

You make all the decisions. You can specify a natural and intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) that compliments the way you and your staff prefer to work. You can guarantee that your bespoke software program has all the features and functionality your business needs and none that you might be paying for with off-the-shelf software. You can determine which reports or which screens can be customised and how they can be customised; with a different look or set of features for each user.

Save time and money with bespoke software and applications that are as unique as your business. There are no multi-user license costs, no maintenance contracts and no support contracts to tie you in. You could combine features from spreadsheets, accounting software and calendar management into one software application that could save you time, reduce training costs, reduce software and support costs, improve efficiency, improve communication, improve reliability and ultimately increase your profit.

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