Retail web development

Retail web development

Retail on the internet is booming. There's no doubt that the world wide web is popular with shoppers wherever they are in the world. Turn your retail business into a global operation with a professionally developed web site from Pasilda.

Whatever your business sells, our skills in retail web development can offer a wealth of opportunities in widening your audience as well as retaining existing customers. We can develop online software for your retail business that gives you easy and full control over features that shoppers have come to expect:

  • catalogue management - categorise and keep track of stock, add photos and videos
  • search for products - shop by price, brand, size or colour
  • sale prices, discounts and special offers
  • secure payment and custom built or integration with off-the-shelf shopping carts

as well as a few that you or your customers might not expect:

  • stock control - get alerts to let you know when to reorder stock
  • performance reports - see which products are popular (or not), monitor the success of a promotion
  • star ratings and reviews - allow your customers to interact and offer feedback after purchase
  • in-depth information - keep customers interested by adding useful information that may not be available before purchase, such as downloadable manuals, installation or usage guides
  • recommendations - suggest similar or complimentary items 'customers who bought this also bought:'

Our speciality is bespoke development and that means you can have your retail web application designed, built and programmed specifically for your business, to include all the features and functions that you can think of!

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