Custom CMS

Custom CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) offers all the functionality of a desktop application, allowing the user complete control of their web site via a back-end system. A custom CMS can be built targeting the specific needs of each project, offering you great flexibility and a greater capacity to influence your users' experience.

Different projects will often require a new tool set. Our forte is in the bespoke area recognising the benefits of a tailor-made application.

Tools typically provided in content management systems allow the uploading of data such as images and files and provide the facility to insert content in the form of a WYSIWYG editor alongside raw HTML editing. It's increasingly important to be able to target data and a search capability allows users to look for content and locate information quickly. We are also very aware of the role search-engine-optimisation (SEO) plays in the current web climate and place premium importance in creating an SEO aware file structure with elements like title, keywords, description, H1 and body. URL rewriting is a feature in the form of nested content. Short, relevant folders provide a clean, simple and generally more search-engine-friendly URL and help the user to visualise the structure of the site.

A CMS ensures the front-end navigational links are dynamic, with automated updating allowing the content editor to make real-time changes. There is also the possibility of incorporating selective publication of content to the front-end, based on a time and date chosen by the editor.

Boost company workflow with increased functionality, permitting multiple users access to viewing and correcting content before updating the web site. Communicating with your audience is vital and CMS gives the opportunity to reach different parts of the globe with a multilingual setup. Content management can happen on any scale, affording the user control over multiple sites with the ability to create a new web site as easily as uploading content.

A custom content management system is as unique as the business and client for which it is developed. Our responsibility is to piece together the limitless possibilities and create the best platform for your business to grow.

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