Return on investment tracking systems Follow the progress of current investments and ensure success in the future

Return on investment tracking systems

Follow the progress of current investments and ensure success in the future

More than statistics

Return on investment (ROI) or rate of return (ROR) is the indicator that should be the greatest influencing factor behind every financial decision faced by your business. Covering anything and everything, from your spend on pay per click campaigns right through to rolling out new hardware; a bespoke ROI assessment system can track activity and present clear, concise reports that gauge the return from every penny.

Simple representation of statistical data through graphs and charts can give you an at-a-glance overview of your combined marketing efforts or the ROI achieved by a department or a single employee. Use interactive analytic tools like a pivot table or a pivot chart to convey the analysis of data with as much flexibility as you require; giving you the ability to summarise an entire year's statistics and 'drill-down' to a single hour in one day, wherever necessary.

Measure every success

A marketing campaign has increased your sales. Investment in smart mobile devices has increased productivity by allowing your staff to work remotely. New stock control software has improved cash flow by implementing automated, just-in-time ordering. Your ROI system could track each of these achievements and every contributing activity that has lead to these conclusions. Quantify the performance of your investments with non-monetary indicators from which more accurate evaluation can be made and future business strategies planned.

More informed decisions

The ability to react to change can often be the difference between any business and its competitors. Along with assessing your successes, tailor made ROI software can become invaluable by highlighting areas for improvement. Draw on existing data to forecast the implications of future spending and the potential yield, giving your business the competitive edge to implement changes with confidence and react to any fluctuation in industry conditions.

Your ROI system could include sophisticated algorithms and hypothetical models for estimating the success of any proposed strategy. Give your marketing team the ability to justify the best course of action for your next advertising campaign, or your human resources department the tools to assess the worth of the skills of an individual - all in real, quantifiable terms and all before the cheque is signed.

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