Grow your business. Expand your data. Collect and distribute information, making life simpler.

Grow your business. Expand your data.

Collect and distribute information, making life simpler.

Expand your business opportunities exponentially

In business, when you discover a method for expansion with minimal outlay, it is worth taking note. Syndication of data in the form of JSON, XML and RSS offers you an exciting opportunity to develop your business presence both on the web and offline.

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is an incredibly flexible and lightwieght data format. It is less verbose and arguably less structured than XML, which makes JSON a potentially very powerful means of communicating data.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) allows structured data to be shared across a variety of applications, making it possible to maximise the efficiency in the way information is pushed throughout your organization and offered to your clients.

Harness the full potential of data syndication with RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary), providing information via an online feed, direct to your target market and without the fuss. Develop your online presence and streamline communication with dynamic content, built using the latest development technologies.

Syndicate content and services to and from third parties

Enhance your business reach driving your services and your content to the heart of the consumer. Utilise third parties to syndicate your data, extending your customer base and reaching a larger share of the market. Online feeds using RSS take the standard XML information and determine how it is presented. Distribute various types of content including text documents and audio and video files, such as radio podcasts or conference presentations. This data can be subscribed to by the end user allowing for updateable content to be delivered direct to their set up. The immediate distribution keeps the viewer and customer up to date with the latest information currently available.

RSS syndication offers an effective method for growth promoting your business via existing outlets, while at the same time retaining the integrity of your data. Expand your business footprint and diversify your data outlets helping your content to remain accessible and beneficial to your audience.

As with syndicating data out, you can use other web sites or business' information to build on the services you offer. Make new content readily available using an RSS feed, enriching the user experience, while at the same time maintaining your established brand guidelines. Benefit from adding news feeds, shopping links or advertising that is relevant to your page content.

Integrate with existing systems, external systems and legacy systems

XML is stored in plain text format and as a result is easily transferable across multiple platforms and can be integrated into existing systems, external systems and legacy systems. At Pasilda we can make sure that all relevant data is successfully distributable between different computers, browsers and systems. Be it a comprehensively networked organisation with up-to-date software and hardware, or those systems you are not yet ready to part with, sharing information and storing data is easier with XML. As well as in-house content, we will help you capture and utilise data from elsewhere, combining your current system, old or new, with any third party data such as CPC (Cost Per Click) feeds from external sources.

Communicate seamlessly between online, server and desktop applications

XML effectively allows potentially differing systems to communicate, providing a smooth transition between applications, computers and ultimately organisations. Give your business an edge making your data more available and bringing content to a variety of environments. Allow information to flow effectively taking advantage of the latest technologies. Communicate seamlessly online, transferring data between web sites. Download content to mobiles and desktops using widgets that are set up to receive data and act upon it accordingly. Enjoy comprehensive content integration with software like the email client Microsoft® Outlook®, which can be set up to receive data, without the need to directly access a web site.

Our team here at Pasilda are ready to help you benefit from XML and RSS syndication with the successful deployment of your organisations' data to exactly where it needs to be, in the best possible way and in the quickest time.

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