Online shopping solutions Market and sell your products online

Online shopping solutions

Market and sell your products online

Speedy transactions and a global market

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce as it is more commonly known, is the practice used to distribute, buy, sell or market goods and services, and the transfer of funds online, via electronic communications or networks. It is a facility through which any business can improve its effectiveness and cash flow drastically; it is also a service customers have come to expect from the online face of your business. An e-commerce web site can be a highly powerful vehicle through which a business can build customer loyalty. A well-designed and fully functional web site allows the customer to be in charge of the relationship, at ease to buy, browse, and track the progress of their order at their leisure. Removing the restrictions of time and distance, e-commerce facilitates the buying and selling of a product at any time of the day or night at the click of a mouse to anywhere in the world, expanding the geographical reach of your business across the global market, cutting out the middle man and directly reaching the end user, resulting in maximum profit.

Maximum efficiency

Our developers are committed to maximising the efficiency of your business allowing the provision of goods and services via your site faster and more conveniently to your visitor. This means that we can give your e-commerce site the ability to accept card payments through PayPal and WorldPay to name but two online payment services. Such technology is highly beneficial to a business, reducing overheads, eliminating processing errors, and resulting in an altogether quicker and more convenient service on both the part of the business and the customer.

Streamlined stock control

With our knowledge and industry experience of web-based software, we can link internet sales to stock control via existing EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems, or custom build EPOS systems to facilitate the individual's needs. We are also able to custom build a stock system which uses barcodes and reads the product data from a database. Each product is assigned a unique barcode as a custom property, which means that all items on every order must be scanned before dispatch in order to maximise the efficacy of the system. Having an efficient stock control system results in a more streamlined method, where individual processes are collated as orders come in to your web site, card details are processed, goods are dispatched and stock is re-ordered seamlessly, considerably reducing your overall costs. Made to measure, bespoke e-commerce software can help make managing your stock, revenue and workforce easier, faster, more accurate and ultimately more cost-effective.

Incentive schemes

An e-commerce site for your business affords the extra convenience to your customers to be able to browse and buy whenever they like. Your web site can take credit card payments, increment or decrement your stock in real time and allow your customers to track delivery and review previous orders. With loyalty and customer retention as important as attracting new business, we can also equip your site with incentive schemes such as discounts, sales and promotional codes. Incentive schemes are a highly valuable tool in the ever competitive online marketplace, providing added encouragement for e-commerce browsers to become e-commerce buyers. Seamlessly integrated within existing content on your web site, incentive schemes ensure the retailer's bond with the customer is strengthened, resulting in maximum conversion.

Customise your shopping cart

A custom shopping cart can also be added to your site, incorporating various functions to ensure ease of operation for the user. This means that customers can create a password protected account profile, through which they can review their orders, check details of products and previous orders and store their details. This ensures ease of shopping as they need only go through the registration process once, yet can access their profile with stored information in the future. This is also beneficial to the business, as a record of purchasing history will allow you to target customers with new products that correspond with previous spending habits and marketing and pricing can be strategised in accordance with customer needs.

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