Enhance B2B communication Build powerful systems bringing vendor and supplier closer together

Enhance B2B communication

Build powerful systems bringing vendor and supplier closer together

Business to business (B2B) refers to the buying and selling of products and services between businesses as opposed to the consumer. Business to consumer (B2C) transactions occur at the very end of a process that will often involve many communications between businesses, all playing their role in the product life cycle - meaning that for every B2C transaction, many more B2B transactions occur during the process.

How an organisation communicates and manages its relationship with other businesses plays a vital role in sustaining success and helping provide a platform for future expansion.

Manage supplier relations

Here at Pasilda we can help you maximise your business relationships with a bespoke application, bringing you and other organisations you work with closer together. An online supplier relationship management (SRM) system helps close the gap between businesses, offering an instantly updateable environment that gives you the edge required to stay in front of your competitors.

Increase overall business performance and productivity with the ability to track important information. Current purchase orders and other inventory data can be immediately reviewed while previous and future orders are also readily available, all from any location with a computer and an internet connection. Control accessibility levels for both your staff and those whom your company deal with, determining what information is seen and exactly how it is displayed.

An SRM solution affords you a facility that allows for the thorough management of supplier relations and results in a powerful tool to help evaluate and develop your business.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems

Electronic data interchange allows businesses to communicate effectively by standardising data in electronic form. An EDI system allows you to operate a paperless office environment, with the ability to transmit high volumes of business data via the internet. Information such as invoices, purchase orders and deliveries can be automated and help to reduce costs and ease the workload on your staff by eliminating unnecessary organising and manual distribution. Setting up an EDI via the internet makes the application far more affordable than previously possible, dramatically reducing initial costs and can be fully integrated into existing systems.

Manage multiple B2B components for individual B2C transactions

Throughout a business supply chain there is usually a greater degree of B2B transactions than there are B2C. A businesses point of contact with its customer is invariably at the end of a process which has often seen a high degree of business to business activity. Often when a product is put together, various parts are sourced from different locations and as a result, businesses will deal directly with each other.

Application Programming Interface (API) access to your systems

As business needs change, technology and how it is implemented evolves to meet the new challenges presented. An application programming interface determines how information interacts between the initial storage location and the end users display and offers greater diversity and more dynamic solutions. Information can be transmitted across the internet or via other platforms such as mobiles or desktop solutions, offering a range of methods to access to your organisations data by both your own staff and those of other businesses.

Integrate into existing systems, like Microsoft® Exchange

Eliminate any disruption by having your B2B applications fully integrated with existing systems. Our developers can utilise products such as Microsoft® Exchange, expanding your current operating tools and enhancing the facilities available for you to manage your business. We will evaluate your current set-up and determine the most efficient way in which to manage the integration of new software. A smooth, simple transition will allow your business to benefit and maintain high performance levels. Whether you need to revolutionise your methods or simply expand on current practices, at Pasilda we want to help.

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