Track advertising. Generate revenue. Analyse user information and learn about what brings your customer back

Track advertising. Generate revenue.

Analyse user information and learn about what brings your customer back

Extra revenue

Add additional revenue to your business using pay per click advertising. Our team are able to set up and sustain an efficient pay per click campaign, which when managed correctly can be a lucrative move for your business. Generate ads which relate to your page and site content, while seeing a return every time a link is clicked. Let your visitors do the work for you. Providing data relevant to subjects they are viewing not only enhances their experience, but you get a monetary reward for doing so.

Tracking ad campaigns

The level of detailed information that is measurable in pay per click advertising is significantly higher than most other types of advertising. For this reason, we are able to manage and track your return investment on an ad campaign, in order to establish which ads are generating your business sales or leads and assess their worth. Pay per cost advertisers pay a commission fee even without purchase, so it is important to keep an eye on your conversions rather than clicks, which means monitoring the amount of clicks that result in a profit. This is where we can help you. At the crux of a successful campaign is efficient management.

Google AdSense™, Yahoo!® Search Marketing (formerly Overture), Vibrant™/IntelliTXT and more

There are two types of pay per click campaigns, distinguished as contextual; where programs such as Google AdSense™, Yahoo!® Search Marketing (formerly Overture) and Vibrant™/IntelliTXT decide on contextually relevant adverts to be displayed on a publisher's site. So, if a visitor is viewing a page about travelling to America, ads relating to flights, hotels and insurance may appear. The other type is keyword advertising, which is most commonly seen as sponsored links generated by keyword searches. So, when particular words are searched via a search box, several sponsored links or advertiser links appear alongside or above the organic results. Both these partnering options help target users while increasing their experience.

XML, JavaScript or direct Application Programming Interface (API) integration

Our skilled developers are able to integrate a pay per click system within your site and monitor its progress through various channels. For example, Google and Yahoo!® Search Marketing have Application Programming Interfaces (API) which allow organisations to directly integrate the pay per click engines into their existing systems. API integration facilitates the automation of common tasks and simplifies management of a large number of keywords. As well as the JavaScript used by Google Adsense™ we can incorporate CPC and PPC feeds, manipulating XML data. We take the standardised data in the form of an RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feed, or other popular syndication type, which allows greater flexibility and control over how the content is displayed and then effectively integrate it with your existing web site.

Our developers can build truly bespoke solutions allowing you to collate data on your own terms, in your own way. Compare your completely customised statistics with those of the advertising partner, clarifying the legitimacy of where your money is being spent. Enjoy an application which offers you more than just figures. A system that not only evaluates but provides in depth analysis of your data and suggests the best ways to proceed based on the findings. Take advantage of intelligent, intuitive and helpful solutions that drive performance and revenue, keeping your business at the forefront of the market and in the best position to help, and benefit from, your customers.

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