Complete data control system Manage business data from every area of your organisation

Complete data control system

Manage business data from every area of your organisation

Document management

With our software expertise, we can develop a bespoke Document Management System (DMS) for your business, which can capture, manage, share, and safeguard the information that powers your crucial business ventures. You will be able to track and store electronic documents and images of paper documents, as well as quickly search and retrieve documents, eliminating the need to search through reams of paper.

All of your important files can be streamlined into one efficient, integrated filing structure for consistency; this single system can be accessed by a vast number of employees across a network, with several benefits of its own.

  • Accessible from the cloud
    With a collaboration system hosted in the cloud, important documents and business critical information can be reviewed, changed and submitted from any internet connected device.
  • Improved speed and efficiency
    Resolve queries, submit a sales order or record a customer interaction from the office or out in the field instantly. With data and systems hosted in the cloud, anyone else (inside or outside of your organisation) who needs to, can be notified of the change and act upon it immediately.
  • Reduced costs
    Cloud systems can replace the cost of purchasing in-house hardware and software licenses with a flexible, scalable pricing model. Moving your applications to the cloud could eradicate the need to purchase hardware and the worry of backing up, securing and maintaining a depreciating asset.

Version Control

With a full featured cloud-based Document Management System (DMS), the capability to manage multiple revisions of the same file makes tracking and comparing changes simple and easy. You could roll-back to a previous version and notify your team with the click of a button. Apply the principles of version control in a multi-user environment, and you could be able to not only track who made each change and when, but also have the capability to create forks from the main branch as well as merge changes.

Documents can be checked in or out of the main Document Management System, allowing users to retrieve former versions and to work from a specified point. In order for your business to reap the benefits of this system, you can choose to allow concurrent checkouts - where a document can be simultaneously checked out by more than one user - or file locking - where it can only be checked it by one user at a time.


Our applications can operate a comprehensive permission-based user setup, offering high levels of security and protection throughout your organisation. Gain complete control over user activity by managing passwords and providing various levels of access to your system. Our advanced applications can afford multi-privilege levels. A system administrator can set up individual users and user groups with the flexibility to limit the read or write access to any given folders, documents or even specific database entries. Separate user accounts enable you to track staff as they create and modify files making managing your workforce a far easier task.

Custom upload/download controls

We provide fully customisable controls for uploading and downloading data, offering complete flexibility to determine exactly how content is moved around your organisation. Transfer any form of media with the ability to upload a variety of file types. Manage standard text documents, with the facility to add images, audio and video files. A fully bespoke application can offer a comprehensive administration area which can be utilised throughout your business. Bring your workforce closer together allow multiple users to change data from anywhere worldwide with a variety of application tools at their finger tips.

Tagging and meta information

All documents that are created can carry information which is not initially apparent in the form of metadata. This data can vary from details of the last person to edit a file, to the brand of camera used to take a photo. Offering you the facility to add this metadata as tags is a form of search engine optimisation and allows you to harness your content for the web. Take advantage of metadata's capacity to advance searching with the ability to filter and search based on tags and meta data.

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