Bespoke CRM software Customer relationship management software getting you closer to your customers.

Bespoke CRM software

Customer relationship management software getting you closer to your customers.

A powerful customer relationship application can make any task as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. Every one of your clients and every one of their interactions with your business could be stored in your custom built CRM system. Search, sort and filter through each order, invoice, email and phone call associated with an individual customer.

Empower your staff

Give your staff the ability to access a customer's record within a matter of seconds. Your customer services or technical support department could answer a telephone call and pull up a customer's account details after a few short security questions, allowing them to see every relevant detail of the caller's enquiry. Your accounts department could run sales reports, send out end-of-month invoices and bulk email debtors in an instant.

Automate your processes

Business processes (sometimes referred to as business logic or workflow) can range from very simple to extremely complex - but all are equally important. Almost any business logic can be integrated into your CRM system to allow you and your staff the ability to execute intricate or repetitive actions. Use human events (like a request for a custom report) to trigger processes, or simply schedule events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (or, of course, choose custom intervals to suit your business).

A missed payment date can trigger an email to be sent, both to the customer and to your accounts department. Offering a discount on a product or service can update your web site's home page and email your preferred customers. Perhaps taking on a new client requires a contract to be drawn up; your CRM software could automate the process by populating a template contract document with the client's specific details, sending a copy to both the client and your legal team as well as storing the document digitally within a secure document management system.

Market more effectively

Use the data stored about your customers and their activity with your business to make the most of your marketing efforts. A reporting module integrated into your CRM software could produce detailed analytics with 'drill-down' functionality, assisting your decisions with at-a-glance representations of trends in customer activity, preferences and spending. Collect data from your customers to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns retrospectively or use existing data to help forecast the success of proposed marketing activity in the future.

Improve your customer retention

Know your customers better than your competition. Provide a more personalised service and respond to their needs faster and more accurately. Ensure your customers continue to do business with your organisation by more effective communication; send out tailored newsletters containing information relating to preferences either chosen by each customer or displayed through trends in their activity.

A customer relationship management application built especially for your business can put all the tools to achieve this right at your fingertips.

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