Application planning Laying the foundations for your software.

Application planning

Laying the foundations for your software.

Planning to help you succeed

Planning an application properly is the cornerstone of the development process. As part of our consultation, we will discuss with you the overall requirements of your project; primarily, the business functions that your application will be designed to address as well as user scenarios, its logical and technical architecture and its physical configuration.

Our planning procedure serves the purpose of presenting your application in a detailed, clear, transferable fashion - before a single line of code is written. To ensure that you, as our client, and any of our developers can understand each component of an application we produce meticulous planning resources that outline each process, each method and their role within the application as a whole. Using different planning concepts like Object Relational Mapping (ORM) and Unified Modelling Language (UML) we produce diagrams and graphical representations of the architecture of your software, breaking down its operations into logical, modular components. We also often produce written documentation to explain, in clear language, each action of each component in each scenario.

Our planning focuses on enabling Pasilda to deliver:

  • Custom built applications that accomplish every requirement expected of them
  • Intuitive software with operations and functionality in predictable arrangements
  • Maintainable applications that perform in their desired environment whilst being able to scale to meet future demand
  • Manageable software that is easy to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot by system administrators

We work with you to make certain that your requirements are met and that software we produce has the ability to handle your business needs now and in the future.

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