Interface design All the functionality you need, where you expect to find it.

Interface design

All the functionality you need, where you expect to find it.

For software that you, your staff and anyone connected to your business will be using on a daily basis, getting the interface right is of paramount importance to us. The software interface will be the way in which users interact with your software; whether it's your staff or your customers. Anyone using applications to communicate with your organisation will benefit from and expect to be able to find information and perform relevant actions, presented clearly and in obvious placements on screen.

Brawn, brains and beauty

We truly understand the difference made by a pleasant and well thought-out graphical user interface (GUI). Our developers are also fully-fledged web designers and software designers. Every one of our developers is completely proficient in industry standard design and imaging tools, like Adobe® Photoshop®, and has all the technical knowledge to implement the perfect GUI for your application, either through a web browser or a Windows® program.

On screen 'real estate' is always at a premium and sometimes subject to variation depending on the end user's device and screen settings. The interfaces we design can include space saving techniques such as collapsible or drop-down menus, tabbed multiple document interfaces (MDIs) and panels that can be dragged, docked, minimised or maximised. Interfaces for managing data can be optimised with master/detail displays and expanding and contracting sections for displaying only the information that is currently relevant.

Where the application's target audience spans multiple devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, we can provide a responsive design. Responsive web design ensures your web site or web application looks great regardless of the screen size. Almost any design element - such as fonts, font sizes, image sizes, text colours background colours and even element positioning - can be set to change dynamically as the user's screen size or their screen orientation changes.

Our designs consider the user's performance, habits and potential for error while operating the software. Designing an interface where users can execute multiple actions with a single click will save them time and increase productivity. Clear instructions, warnings and error messages set out in consistent and expected locations will provide the user with guidance and assurance, reduce the chance of mistakes and enable easier and faster troubleshooting.

Full design service

Designing interfaces for web applications or desktop software will usually take the form of a design concept. We will work with you to realise your design brief through a series of wireframe layouts or mock screenshots that represent key areas of information within your application; each one being an interpretation of the overall design concept applied to the information on screen. Our design layouts will also include, where applicable, indications of user interactivity over time, such as a button in several states (off, rollover, active and on) or a section of the screen both expanded and contracted.

From your business logo or a corporate loading animation, to an icon set specifically designed for your software, we have the GUI design expertise to ensure the best user experience.

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