Bespoke apps for all devices Functionality in the palm of your hand

Bespoke apps for all devices

Functionality in the palm of your hand

With mobile devices becoming ever-more essential business tools, a custom app could bring your business to your customers with a new level of ease and interactivity. Access data on the cloud via a mobile or tablet app allowing your workforce to be faster, more efficient and more productive.

Custom apps to suit any business

We work with you to deliver the custom app you need, whether your business requires a way to keep all of its staff in touch with business critical data wherever they are or you have an idea for a new mobile or tablet application.

Harness the power of these portable devices to put your business systems in the hands of your employees or your customers, wherever they are. Synchronise data in the cloud to give users of your app real-time, push notifications about events relevant to them. Exploit the in-built capabilities of smart devices, such as location sensors, messaging systems and calendar, tasks and contact management to bring a rich, productive and useful experience to the phones and tablets they carry with them everywhere.

Bespoke apps made for any device

We can develop apps for all types of devices, including those running Windows, iOS, Android - on tablets, mobile phones or even wearable devices.

  • Windows apps; universal apps for Windows desktops, Windows tablets and Windows Phone devices

    The Windows platform is on billions of desktops and servers worldwide and is in the midst of huge development and investment from Microsoft with the release of Windows 10, the first operating system built to run on all devices.

    This is great news for app developers like us and even better news for any potential clients interested in custom Windows apps. Because we can concentrate on programming a single bespoke Windows app which will work seamlessly on desktops, tablets and phones, we can be more productive with our development time. Being able to develop a single Windows app for multiple devices, we can pass the saving on and deliver more to our clients in less time, making our tailor-made Windows apps even more affordable.

  • Android apps for Android phones and tablets

    Google's Android operating system is the choice for many hardware manufacturers, with consistently the largest market share of devices shipped around the world year on year. Android's low cost and open-source approach has led to a huge following in the developer community which in turn, has encouraged such widespread adoption on phones and tablets.

    Developing custom apps for Android phones or Android tablets allows us to offer you the power and reach of a dedicated mobile operating system. Your custom Android app will be available to the largest portion of the smartphone market and discoverable via Google Play. Because the Android app store is run by Google, as an app publisher, you get advanced search tools and metrics to better market your app which could help build a user base in less time, keep those user loyal and therefore yield a higher revenue from downloads, in-app advertising or in-app purchases.

  • Custom iOS development - custom apps for iPhone and iPad

    iOS is the mobile operating system from Apple®, powering iPhones and iPads almost everywhere. While Android devices are said to be shipping more units, current statistics indicate the iOS devices are the most popular when it comes to accessing apps and online content from a mobile device.

    Developing a custom iOS app gives your business the opportunity to place itself in front of arguably the most active and most loyal user base of any mobile platform.

    Apple® has a deep running history in design and aesthetics, which continues today with both the look of the devices and the technology that goes into them. Strengthen your brand or see your killer new app idea executed on a Retina® display with a high definition UI and UX and stunning graphics, professionally created by Pasilda.

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