Harness the power of custom software Software custom made for your business

Harness the power of custom software

Software custom made for your business

Bespoke software could give your business the advantage over its competitors by giving you fast, efficient and powerful insight into your data, just the way you need it.

Since 2001, Pasilda has been custom-building software for clients in all industries and sectors, from start-ups to household name businesses.

Why bespoke software?

Because it could make your business more profitable! Software made specifically for your organisation and its business processes means that all the functionality you require is present and optimised especially for the way your business works.

Speed up common or repetitive tasks with software designed just for your needs. Reduce the learning curve for you and your staff, allowing your business to operate more effectively and with better quality and more relevant information at its heart. Bespoke software can improve the speed, efficiency and profitability of your organisation.

Off-the-shelf software is made to be sold to as many customers as possible and therefore could contain lots of code, logic, screens and other resource requirements you simply do not need. In programming terms, if software contains anything that is not an advantage to the end-user, it is just a disadvantage.

Integrated and intuitive

With custom-built software, you could consolidate your business operations into a single management system. Talk to us about building a bespoke system which could replace the current collection of software your business uses to manage different facets of your organisation. Our software solutions can encompass everything your business needs from internal concerns (for example, staff details, payroll, facilities managment, shared calendars) to assets (such as customer details, order details, supplier and stock management) and much more, which could reduce the previous risk of human error as data was moved between systems. If you have a specific requirement to keep using other software, we can work with you to ensure our software integrates with your legacy systems as seamlessly as possible. We can also build your custom software to work alongside any existing programs you have, like the popular Microsoft® Office System, to ensure you and your staff continue to work with familiar productivity tools.

Rapid application development (RAD)

Bespoke software development is becoming faster with advances in technogoly contstantly trying to reduce the time it takes to build custom applications. This approach to rapid application development means that there are tools which could make light work of many custom line-of-business applications. This increase in the efficiency with which tailor-made software can be produced means that it could be more affordable to have software developed which perfectly matches your requirements instead of purchasing or subscribing to ill-fitting off-the-shelf software.

Software development for automation

Software users can benefit greatly from automated processes within applications. Console applications and services are two forms of development for automation and are often used to perform all manner of tasks which do not require human interaction. These types of custom, automated applications do not require a GUI (Graphical User Interface), using no extra resources to display graphics. Consol applications can be set to run on a schedule, for example, an application which compiles a report from statistical data from the last 24 hours before emailing it directly to you for reveiw first thing in the morning.

A service is a program that can run automatically within the operating system of the host and is continuously running behind the scenes lying in wait for something to trigger it into action, which could in turn run another program.

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