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Other expertise

Find out other ways we can help

At Pasilda we are more than just specialists in bespoke software development. We compliment our design and development skills with a variety of other services, all available to enhance our quality of service to our customer.

Hardware and software installation

We realise how important it can be in a technology driven age to make sure you have the best systems to achieve your goals. Our experienced engineers can help set up and install a range of equipment. Whether you require desktops, laptops, servers, cabling or software, including a range of operating systems and applications, we can provide a complete solution with comprehensive on-site configuration and testing.

Office networking

If you require a completely networked office then we are here to help implement both a strategy and solution. Effective communication throughout your organisation does not stop with your workforce. Having efficient running computer systems are just as integral to a successful, streamlined operation. Whatever your needs, we will provide your business with the security, support and structure to develop a successful working environment.

Software training

We provide comprehensive training here at Pasilda for individuals or multiple users. Whether for our own custom built solutions or other packaged software, we offer training either at our office or on location at your premises. Our applications can also be packaged with paper and digital manuals detailing how the product works, how to use it and how to get the most from your tailor-made software.

Interactive multimedia presentations

Multimedia presentations encompass a range of interactive possibilities. We have the capacity to produce rich media products combining audio, video, images and animation, to help aid your business communication and illustrate your ideas. The products can be entirely customisable and utilised in various ways. For example, a visual company profile or animated CV dynamically representing who you are and what you do; visual aids for business presentations; intuitive and educational displays; graphically animated reports; and exhibition displays to inform customers and help promote your products. All of these forms of interactive multimedia are a completely customisable method for illustrating your business and products in a fresh, exciting manner.

2D, 3D animation, motion graphics, modelling and dynamics

We produce both 2D and 3D animation which can be integrated into a variety of solutions. We design motion graphics used in title sequences, logo animations and idents. We also model objects, architecture and environments and develop dynamics to rig and build extensive character animations. From initial storyboarding and generating concepts to the distribution of the animation via the internet or in a high quality format, we make sure we work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Analogue to digital video conversion

Perhaps you want to preserve valuable memories captured on VHS or have a backlog of training tapes taking up valuable storage. Our analogue to digital video conversion can help protect your information, free up space and bring all your data into the digital arena. Your data can be transferred and encoded in a variety of formats, ready to be used in further projects where necessary and even optimised for the web. We transfer the video from VHS to CD or DVD and provide various options as to how the data is presented, such as an automated DVD that plays when inserted, or an editable file allowing further data modification. These files can be made available to both Mac and PC users in a format ready to be imported into all common editing programs.

Video and audio editing

Here at Pasilda we work with Adobe® Creative Suite® Production Premium (including Premiere Pro®, After Effects®, Encore®, OnLocation®, SoundBooth®) to manage clients' audio visual requirements. Video and audio editing, colour grading and an understanding of various codecs and compression formats all form part of our comprehensive service. We provide a complete editing solution for businesses or individuals with home footage. We digitise the data and work with you to produce an audio visual production that meets your needs and can incorporate animated title sequences, subtitling, sound effects, digitally enhanced lighting and colour correction.

CD and DVD authoring

Adobe® Encore® is the leading software used at Pasilda for CD and DVD authoring, where we offer a complete solution from ideas analysis through to the encoding of the final product. We can produce an entirely bespoke product designing the onscreen artwork and packaging, adding animated menus and chapter selection, giving you a professional, interactive product at your disposal.

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