Get the most from your current systems Move forward with existing hardware and software

Get the most from your current systems

Move forward with existing hardware and software

The continual development of new technologies does not have to stop your business from making progress with the current systems it employs. In many cases a legacy system still functions and an organisation may not be ready to initiate a complete system renovation. At Pasilda we can help you understand the value of your current system alongside the practicalities of moving forward with complete system upgrades and existing systems integration.

Integration with existing systems

Expand your existing systems. Enhance your current set up. Get the most from your technology. Our team at Pasilda can provide a full system analysis to help determine the level of integration required. We can supply you with an updated system capable of a high level performance, ready to drive your organisation and meet all the challenges of contemporary business.

Take advantage of an easily integrated solution avoiding disruption to your business workflow. Web based applications offer a graphical user interface and mode of working that many users will be inherently familiar with, saving time on training and increasing productivity.

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) systems supported

Our developers can provide a range of solutions that help build on your existing legacy system. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) are all systems we support, that our skilled team can help maintain or modernise, keeping the core structure intact while enhancing the overall functionality. We can work directly with these technologies providing simple maintenance and adding to them, while we also have the capacity to strategically and systematically replace parts of your current system utilising more secure and commercially viable technology. This gradual process allows an organisation to handle the changing environment at a directly suitable pace.

Code ported between programming languages

Code porting allows the code written for a particular platform in a specific programming language to be adapted and rewritten into a different language. We can convert older systems using LAMP technologies, employing Microsoft's more powerful products to generate a far more secure, scalable and altogether professional environment. Get the most from the Windows operating system, Microsoft® IIS (Internet Information Services), Microsoft® SQL Server and C# or VB.NET, benefitting from a powerful toolset that provides the user with dynamic, rich and ultimately greater array of options.

Performance upgrades

It is vital to get your business running to its potential and we can help maximise your current working environment by producing performance upgrades on an existing set up. Through a complete review of your existing system we will outline potential areas of improvement and help you understand how the changes will impact the overall performance of your business.

We operate comprehensive scenario and load testing revealing criteria such as the most used and slowest parts of the current system. Partial upgrades are implemented based on the results, helping to fortify legacy systems whilst targeting your technology budget where it is most required.

Full system upgrades

If you require a full system upgrade, then Pasilda can assist you in making the right decisions, helping strengthen your business and drive your organisation forward. We can rewrite your existing legacy systems and build a flexible, robust and highly enterprising set up that takes advantage of the very latest, cutting edge technologies. Furthermore, we provide a consulting service to recommend and help determine the right hardware for your current requirements and future possibilities.

Whatever your budget or time frame, Pasilda can provide the infrastructure that helps you make the difference.

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