Understand your performance Discover data and what it means for your business

Understand your performance

Discover data and what it means for your business

An organisation needs to be aware of how it is performing and remain informed and in control of its development. A key method employed in achieving this is the extensive analysis of data. This is followed by detailed reports which break down information and then an evaluation, which usually offers a summary and proposes methods for progress. Pasilda develop powerful solutions that provide you with a comprehensive toolset to help understand and make good use of your business data.

Integration with Microsoft® Office System

The Microsoft® Office System covers a range of products widely used in the business arena and our ability to integrate custom built applications gives you a continuity and stability when migrating to a new system. Benefit from the increased functionality of software such as Microsoft® Excel® utilising the built-in support for Visual Basic® and ASP.NET. We can build you a system that maximises the flow of data between desktop and browser-based software, empowering you with every resource at your fingertips.

Tabular analysis

Analysing data just gets easier with tabular analysis. While presenting information in a table format, benefit from the flexibility of a completely customisable display. Control the column order with comprehensive sorting, filtering and grouping functions. Arrange the data in ascending and descending order; use a keyword search to help filter information; and collect data together into unique groups, such as by date or product.

Take advantage of data highlights with master detail representations. At-a-glance information is presented in an accessible fashion and gives you the opportunity to scan material quickly, with the facility to click for further, more detailed information.

Interactive graphical representation

As sets of data increase in quantity and complexity, there is a greater emphasis on being able to visually navigate your information. How you and your workforce are able to read and interpret the information generated, will largely determine response times and can affect the overall efficiency and performance of your business. An interactive graphical representation gives you the opportunity to modify and evaluate data in real time and provides a range of visual tools that offer faster access to key information, presenting your organisation with the opportunity to understand and manage business critical data in any quantity.

Drill-down capability

Give your data analysts the ability to hone in on specific information utilising powerful drill-down capabilities. While navigating your business data, the drill-down capability allows the user to effectively zoom in and redefine a more specific area of analysis. Gain an overall perspective to help summarise your organisation's performance and then drill-down to view more detailed data sets. For example a person viewing yearly figures can, at the click of a button, focus in on a single month, a day or even an hour, providing immediate access to information in a context that can mean something for your business.

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